Lotus DanglersLotus Danglers
Lotus Danglers
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Pushpam CuffPushpam Cuff
Pushpam Cuff
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Saanvi HoopsSaanvi Hoops
Saanvi Hoops
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Nalini HaarNalini Haar
Nalini Haar
Sale priceRs. 10,999.00
Padmavati HaarPadmavati Haar
Padmavati Haar
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Chameli HathphoolChameli Hathphool
Chameli Hathphool
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Padma SheeshpattiPadma Sheeshpatti
Padma Sheeshpatti
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Ahanna MathapattiAhanna Mathapatti
Ahanna Mathapatti
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Kiara SheeshpattiKiara Sheeshpatti
Kiara Sheeshpatti
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Amal Mogra TikkaAmal Mogra Tikka
Amal Mogra Tikka
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Inaaya SheeshpattiInaaya Sheeshpatti
Inaaya Sheeshpatti
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Gulista SheeshpattiGulista Sheeshpatti
Gulista Sheeshpatti
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Kamala SheeshpattiKamala Sheeshpatti
Kamala Sheeshpatti
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Malli MathapattiMalli Mathapatti
Malli Mathapatti
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Neeraja TikaaNeeraja Tikaa
Neeraja Tikaa
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Grishmi Tikaa
Grishmi Tikaa
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Suman TikaaSuman Tikaa
Suman Tikaa
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Gulpari CuffGulpari Cuff
Gulpari Cuff
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Kalyani Classic CuffKalyani Classic Cuff
Kalyani Classic Cuff
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Nalinakshi HaathphoolNalinakshi Haathphool
Nalinakshi Haathphool
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Mrinali CuffMrinali Cuff
Mrinali Cuff
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Ketaki CuffKetaki Cuff
Ketaki Cuff
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Pushpaja CuffPushpaja Cuff
Pushpaja Cuff
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Angarika LinksAngarika Links
Angarika Links
Sale priceRs. 1,499.00

The story of creating jewelry resonates with time. An artist of true merit creates this jewelry in pleated gold like a sonnet, a melody of radiant love and sentiment. The brilliant homage they pay to the archives of history, these ubiquitous pieces travel far more than humans do. Therefore, we need to embrace it.

It derives inspiration from the re-rooted nature that evokes a religious sentiment. Jewels that are inspired from motif developments of lotus, mogras and betel leaves, bring Barqat to life. This treasure hits a new horizon to provide women with diversity in design, who dive away from traditional cuts and opt for alternative ones to create statement looks.

Earrings that revel in “everyday luxe”, necklaces and hair adornments that “dominate festivals'', this timeless treasure is a contemporary do-over.

Why buy from us?

Ever wondered why people wear ornaments? It’s only not because gold is a woman's best companion but it also stands the test of time. We have kept in mind the demand of women who seek for individuality by creating pieces that fall under the 4c’s:

  • Contemporary: With the jewelry that hits a new horizon in perfect bold looks, shares a deep rooted connection with history yet steps into the modern world by curative styling combinations with reinvented edges and cuts. These jewels that revel in diversity and artistic impression are forever yet of the moment.
  • Connection: From vendor to designer, everyone’s sum creates parts that have become larger and made this jewelry valuable. Everyone brings their unique experiences, expertise and stories to make timeless pieces that live eternal.
  • Conscious design: Shaped through ever changing eras, golds today represent the reinvented perception of beauty and glamor in every way. They adapt and remodel to a heart’s desire with new design details of flowers that not only are engraved on it but serves as an armor of their nostalgic moments.
  • Craftsmanship excellence: Exceptional craftsmanship with modern influences result in products that travel with time. It has a layer of history and symbolism yet is upscaled in design, trend and convey a minimalist direction to dress boldly.
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