Panelled chanderi jacket & kurta with dori tie-up paired with tulip pants
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Barqat- doesn’t the name itself trigger a lot of memories for us Indians? Having Dahi-Cheeni before an exam, a bird choosing to build its nest in your house, mothers taking an early bath and offering prayers to tulsi plant in the veranda or just memories of the elderly wishing us good luck. In India girls are observed as goddess Lakshmi which means mother goddess of prosperity i.e. (Barqat).

Women are solely responsible for the formation of the new civilization. Unquestionably women are the potency of this world. Barqat commemorate those uncommon women who reveals enormous strength & character, displaying exceptional love & courage in the worst & best of situations.

The collection focuses on reimagining the age-old designs with ancestral cuts and giving a modern & contemporary transformation to our Indian textiles.

Glorious Gotapatti

This age-old craft, is infused with a modern spirit to bring timeless appeal in our Pre-festive 22. Gota threads and stripes are accustomed to appeal to a millennial dresser. Modern silhouettes and color- blocking are proposed together to bring a balance of old and new. Our collection is everything you need to own the room in this festive season.


Our menswear category is designed with good quality traditional fabrics, versatile options, accessible pricing and well, contemporary styles- for modern day men who wish to bring out the essence of a personal style whilst sticking to their roots!

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Celebrations still going on. We love afternoon parties. Thank you Abhishti for keeping us stylish.

- Shilpa Rao and Ritesh Krishnan

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