Front knot mini dress-TangerineFront knot mini dress-Tangerine
Front knot mini dress-Tangerine
Sale price₹ 1,899
Front knot mini dress-Azure BlueFront knot mini dress-Azure Blue
Front knot mini dress-LemonFront knot mini dress-Lemon
Front knot mini dress-Lemon
Sale price₹ 1,899
Cross draped neck mini dress-Persian GreenCross draped neck mini dress-Persian Green
Cross draped neck mini dress-Persian Green
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699Save 50%
Puff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Midnight BlackPuff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Midnight Black
Contrast straps circular midi dress-Dandelion YellowContrast straps circular midi dress-Dandelion Yellow
Foliage DressFoliage Dress
Foliage Dress
Sale price₹ 1,899
Adjustable strap down jumpsuit-Mulberry PurpleAdjustable strap down jumpsuit-Mulberry Purple
Box pleat side slit jumpsuit-Cobalt BlueBox pleat side slit jumpsuit-Cobalt Blue
Shirt tie-up belt mini dress-Smoke GreyShirt tie-up belt mini dress-Smoke Grey
Puff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Marshmallow WhitePuff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Marshmallow White
Cross tie-up cotton poplin shift dress-Midnight BlackCross tie-up cotton poplin shift dress-Midnight Black
Sold out
Front knot mini dress-Ruby WooFront knot mini dress-Ruby Woo
Front knot mini dress-Ruby Woo
Sale price₹ 950 Regular price₹ 1,899
Azure DressAzure Dress
Azure Dress
Sale price₹ 1,899
Ebony JumpsuitEbony Jumpsuit
Ebony Jumpsuit
Sale price₹ 2,699
Sold out
Marie sleeves down mini dress-Sunshine YellowMarie sleeves down mini dress-Sunshine Yellow
Marie sleeves down mini dress-Sunshine Yellow
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699
Sold out
Strappy cowl neck kurta with flared cowl pants-Dandelion YellowStrappy cowl neck kurta with flared cowl pants-Dandelion Yellow
Drop shoulder elasticated waist midi dress-Sunshine YellowDrop shoulder elasticated waist midi dress-Sunshine Yellow
Drop shoulder elasticated waist midi dress-Sunshine Yellow
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699Save 50%
Cross Draped Neck Mini Dress-Smoke GreyCross Draped Neck Mini Dress-Smoke Grey
Sold out
Puff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Ruby WooPuff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Ruby Woo
Puff sleeves midi tiered dress with slit-Ruby Woo
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699
Sold out
Contrast straps circular midi dress-Orange RustContrast straps circular midi dress-Orange Rust
Contrast straps circular midi dress-Orange Rust
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699
Cross tie-up cotton poplin shift dress-Sunshine YellowCross tie-up cotton poplin shift dress-Sunshine Yellow
Cross tie-up cotton poplin shift dress-Sunshine Yellow
Sale price₹ 1,350 Regular price₹ 2,699Save 50%
Gathered cuff sleeves mini shirt dress-Midnight BlackGathered cuff sleeves mini shirt dress-Midnight Black
Elasticated waist flared cowl pants-Smoke GreyElasticated waist flared cowl pants-Smoke Grey

It is crucial to travel in style. However, think how amazing it would be to travel not only in comfort but also in style. You have been heard! And we shall comply with your orders. At Abhishti, we believe that in order to look attractive and confident, everyone should first feel good about who they are. When you are being totally, truly, fearlessly, and cozily you, you will always look appealing and lovely no matter where you are or what you are doing!

Challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone when you're out seeing the world, but don't give up the things that make travel comfortable and enjoyable. go for comfortable and fashionable women's travel wear. Abhishti has a large assortment of fashionable travel clothes, including chic maxi dresses, charming playsuits, and stunning strappy kurta pant combinations, amongst other options. Choose from our varied collection of women's travel wear and travel in style!

Types of Women's Travel Clothes

When it comes to selecting women's travel clothes, there are a lot more considerations to take into account besides just comfort and style. Variety is of the utmost importance when it comes to selecting fashionable travel clothes. Choose from Abhishti's extensive collection of cute playsuits, gorgeous kaftans, trendy mini shirt dresses, and beautiful tops and skirts.

Mini Dress

Whether you're going on a beach vacation or flying on a plane, a cute little dress is a way to go. Put on a mini dress to draw attention to yourself and highlight your exotic tan. Wear a short dress with ankle boots or knee-high boots whenever you're not on the beach. If you want to have a picture-perfect day at the beach, you must add a pretty necklace, a waist belt, and a beautiful hat to your mini dress.

Midi Dress

Choose a midi dress that falls in the category of fashionable travel clothes, when you're short on time and need to travel light. You can get by with nothing more than a midi dress while on a vacation. A midi dress can be worn to daily activities as well as nighttime events that require you to dress up. Therefore, if you have an extensive list of things you want to do, add some midi dresses to your wardrobe, and you can thank us later.

Crop Top & Pleated Skirt

Have you reached your limit with dressing up all the time? Then it's time for you to choose a crop top and a pleated skirt if you want to look stylish while traveling. There's a good reason why crop tops are widely considered to be one of the most fashionable outfits when women's travel wear is concerned. They make for ultimate pictures and go well with most travel destinations and settings. Strappy heels or strappy sandals go best with skirts and crop tops.


What a dress cannot offer, a playsuit will provide for you. When we talk about hobbies and sports during traveling, we're referring to things that women can't do while wearing skirts or dresses. Playsuits make it possible for women to be more carefree than they would be able to be if they were wearing skirts or dresses. This is because these clothes are unable to protect against the wind. Put together a lovely and easygoing look by wearing sneakers with a playsuit.

Maxi Dress

When you need to avoid getting a sunburn while traveling, choose a maxi dress that is airy and lightweight, as it shields your skin from the sun without making you uncomfortably hot. To complement a maxi dress, we recommend wearing strappy heels or espadrilles. Because hoops and a fantastic bracelet will boost the overall appeal of the maxi dress, you shouldn't forget to accessorize your outfit with them before heading out the door.

Button-Down Top & Pleated Pants

Pants are the embodiment of leisure and comfort. What could be more appropriate to wear them with than button-down tops? Pleated pants are typically considered to be a more trendy alternative to regular pants. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd while traveling, you should wear pleated pants and button-down tops. Don't forget to throw in a pair of shoes.


Jumpsuits are your best bet for dressing comfortably in chilly environments. Your holiday wardrobe should absolutely include at least a few jumpsuits because they are so easy to layer and look beautiful all by themselves. Jumpsuits look great paired with either ballet flats or sneakers. When you're donning a jumpsuit, the best accessories to round out your look are a hat, some sunglasses, and a handbag. Purchase a few jumpsuits from Abhishti in a variety of styles so that you can travel in fashion.

Top & Straight Pants

An astute strategy to dress would involve wearing straight pants and tops with color combinations or motifs. This graceful and gorgeous traveling duo is in a league of its own, far above any competition. Make sure you always have tops and straight pants with you, regardless of where you go. In a similar vein, this pair is an excellent travel ensemble for long-distance trips. What else? We have faith that whatever photographs you take while wearing a top and straight pants will turn out great.

Mini Shirt Dress

Do you find that you can have little spare time while traveling? You need to pack light but you also want to appear stylish, right? The answer is a cute little shirt dress with short sleeves! If you want to look beautiful no matter where you go, all you need is a little shirt dress since it is the glam edition of a dress. This travel outfit is a need for the sophisticated traveler in you, since it is perfect for both dining and strolling and can be worn in a variety of settings.

Belted Jumpsuit

The versatility of jumpsuits makes them an excellent outfit for traveling. There is no need to match shirts with skirts or pants when you have jumpsuits or playsuits. Hence, you do not need to bring extra clothing and pack light. A belted jumpsuit offers all of the advantages that come with wearing a jumpsuit, in addition to being a more attractive option. If you are both a fashionista and a travel enthusiast, you absolutely need to invest in some belted jumpsuits.


How do we describe kaftans? They are both extremely beautiful and really comfortable, and, they are considered to be fashionable travel clothes. Your trip would not be complete without a kaftan, which is the ideal attire for days spent at the beach. You can wear a kaftan either as a cover-up for your bikini or as an independent piece of clothing. A kaftan that falls to the ankles is all that is required for a day spent on an island. Therefore, travel lightly while yet looking chic by packing a range of kaftans.

Shirt Tie-Up Dress

The shirt tie-up dress is a terrific choice for any kind of travel destination as it is a sexier version of the shirt dress. Choose a shirt dress with tie-up details if you want to appear your absolute best. Take breathtaking photographs throughout the holidays while wearing this highly stylish and seductive ensemble. Pairing strappy heels or espadrilles with a dress that has a shirt tie-up looks fantastic.

Tops & Skirt

Tops and skirts are classic favorites since they always look cute and fashionable no matter where you travel. To create a fancy outfit that offers enhanced comfort, extra charm, and a dash of sexy, opt for a top and skirt that are coordinated with each other. You can create some amazing color combinations by mixing and matching your tops and skirts. Sandals with straps or knee-high boots look great paired with skirts.

Tops & Shorts

Shorts provide you with a big benefit over other clothing options, such as mini dresses or mini skirts. Take advantage of the adaptability and convenience that shorts offer, and mix up your style by donning a variety of tops with them to create a new appearance every day. Combining shorts with a short kaftan top, a crop top, a top with kimono sleeves, a long kurti with a front opening, or a front-opening long kurti are all great options for creating an exotic-chic look.

Tops & Pleated Pants

Pleated pants provide you with the additional comfort you require for some types of adventurous travel, while also allowing you to look stylish, unique, and up to date. If you want your outfit to be appropriate for both the setting and the event, wear a pair of pleated pants with a top that has straps, a halter neck, a kaftan top, an oversized top, or layered tops. The ideal shoes to wear with pleated pants are either sneakers or strappy sandals.

Strappy Kurta & Flared Pants

The strappy kurta, a lengthier version of a strappy top, looks best when worn with flared pants.

Strappy kurtas and flared pants are ideal for a sensual evening look and can be sported anywhere. Although ankle boots provide more glitz, espadrilles go well with flared pants. For an incredibly fashionable outfit, don't forget to add a statement handbag and a matching pair of earrings.

Flared Cowl Pants & Kurta

Flared cowl pants are one of the most stylish options for travel attire since they also offer comfort and confidence. The flare adds a statement-making quality to your ensemble and makes it suitable for activities in both the daytime and the evening. A kurta paired with flared cowl pants is an alternative outfit that may be worn for a flight look that is both sensual and elegant.

Jackets With Tops and Shorts

Who said that layered looks can't be seductive? When packing for a trip, a good travel outfit would consist of a jacket, some tops, and shorts. In addition to this, When you are unsure of the weather conditions, you have the option of wearing shorts and tops together with a jacket. You can always choose not to wear the jacket in the future if the circumstances need it!

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