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Ebony Jumpsuit
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Heather Jumpsuit
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Willow Jumpsuit
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Comfortable, classy, and chic, women's jumpsuits are an ideal alternative for shirts and pants, skirts and tops, as well as jeans and tees. A one-piece garment, women's jumpsuits are time-saving and can be carried with ease and confidence alike. One of the most versatile outfits, jumpsuits come in a variety of shapes, designs, and patterns.

There is a jumpsuit for every occasion and every setting. Be it formal, casual, or party looks, you can rock it in a jumpsuit. There is a jumpsuit for lazy Sundays as well! One of the best things about a jumpsuit is that it doesn't require much in terms of accessories. Just a pair of earrings or a waist belt is enough to add oomph to your jumpsuit.

Types Of Women's Jumpsuits

Adjustable Strap Down Jumpsuit

The most comfortable and common yet uber cool and stylish, an adjustable strap-down jumpsuit is a wardrobe essential for every fashion lover.

The best part of a strap-down jumpsuit is that you can adjust the strap according to your mood, comfort, and occasion.

While layering it with a dress shirt, for instance, you can adjust the strap lower, whereas, for a casual look, you can strap it up.

The versatility and comfort of the strap-down adjustable jumpsuit have made it an absolute favorite.

Side Slit Jumpsuit

A total party wear jumpsuit for women, the side slit jumpsuit looks uber stylish and trendy.

Show off your legs and flaunt your curves with the sexy side slit jumpsuit all the while staying comfortable. Talk about comfortable fashion!

Strap-on heels look great with side slit jumpsuits.

Add a belt to cinch your waist for a sultry look.

Belted Jumpsuit

Oy word for a belted jumpsuit is uber cool.

A complete ensemble by itself, a belted jumpsuit doesn't need additional accessories to make it stand out.

Make use of the belt to show off your curves in the sexiest manner possible!

Go for a straight-cut belted jumpsuit if you're petite.

Wide-legged belted jumpsuits are ideal for longer women.

Collared Jumpsuit

Collared jumpsuits exude elegance and class.

A perfect ensemble for parties and casual events, collared jumpsuits offer comfort with trendy looks.

As collared jumpsuits look glamorous, they don't need anything much in terms of accessories.

A simple pair of earrings along with a delicate bracelet is enough to add oomph to the attire.

Overlapped Neckline Jumpsuit

Overlapped neckline jumpsuits are versatile. Wear them to parties or for casual evenings.

Overlapped neckline allows ample room for statement chokers or necklaces, so make sure to glam up your outfit with bold neckpieces.

Go for a deep overlap neckline for a sultry and trendy look.

Lantern Sleeves Jumpsuit

Enhance your figure and flaunt your style with lantern sleeve jumpsuits.

Keep all the eyes on yourself by donning lantern sleeve jumpsuits with high heels or nude pumps.

Go for ankle-length lantern sleeve jumpsuits for a sexy look.

Make sure to accessorize your outfit with statement earrings.

Trending Styles Of Jumpsuits

Formal/Blazer Jumpsuits

Who said that you can't wear a jumpsuit to the office? Don a formal or blazer jumpsuit to the office for an urban chic look. Ideal for office meetings and office parties, formal jumpsuits are great for days when you feel lazy to dress up. Just pull up a one-piece garment and you're good for the day!

Culotte Jumpsuits

Similar to flared pants, culotte jumpsuits are perfect for casual outings and parties as well. A strappy culotte jumpsuit is uber-sexy yet comfortable at the same time. Show off your cleavage and flaunt your curves at a party with culotte jumpsuits.

Harem/Beach Cut Jumpsuits

Harem jumpsuits or beach cut jumpsuits are ideal vacation outfits. Easy to slip on, harem jumpsuits offer protection from the sand on a beach all the while allowing free movement along with matchless comfort. Show off your style on a beach with sleeveless harem jumpsuits.

Wide-Legged Jumpsuits

Ideal for women with long legs, wide-legged pants balance your length.

For a sexy look, go for an off-shoulder or sweetheart neckline strapless jumpsuit with wide legs.

Accessorize with a waist belt to add glamor to the ensemble.

Don't forget high strap-on heels.

Dhoti Jumpsuit

A fusion attire, the dhoti jumpsuit is an indo-western outfit that is perfect for weddings and parties.

The best way to rock dhoti jumpsuits is to drape a dupatta around them, with the help of a waist belt, to create a fusion saree look.

Make all the heads turn in your direction by creating this uber cool look with a dhoti jumpsuit and printed pumps.


A shorter and more lounge-y version of a jumpsuit, rompers are a trendy and comfortable alternative to shorts and tops or miniskirts.

Ditch your miniskirt for a romper and go carefree.

Team rompers with ballerinas and delicate necklaces to create a cute party look.

Skinny/Bodycon Jumpsuits

Ideal to show off your figure, skinny jumpsuits or bodycon are great for casual outings or a shopping spree with friends.

Pair bodycon jumpsuits with sneakers for a relaxed comfortable look or a pair of kitten heels.


The shortest avatar of a jumpsuit, a sexy and cute at the same time. Show off your legs at a party with a playsuit and ballerinas. Ditch your shorts and top for a playsuit to add comfort to your outfit. Top your look with a chunky bracelet and a headband to keep your tresses in place.

Flared/Slit Jumpsuits

Flared or slit jumpsuits are your best bet when it comes to finding jumpsuits for women's party wear. The flare of the jumpsuit adds a spicy glamor quotient to it, whereas the slit offers a perfect opportunity to flaunt your legs. Add a waist belt to the outfit and you have a great party outfit that is as sexy as it is comfortable.

Don't forget the strap-on heels to perfect the party look.

How To Accessorize Jumpsuits?

  • Wear low heels with jumpsuits for a neutral everyday look. Flats and kitten heels also go well with casual jumpsuits.
  • Use metallic jewelry to accentuate the fit and flare of the jumpsuit or romper.
  • Add a belt to enhance the feminine charm of your outfit. Show off your curves in the jumpsuit of your choice by wearing a statement waist belt.
  • High heels are a great option to add glamor to women’s jumpsuit partywear.
  • Add a vest or formal blazer for an office meeting or after-work party to create a sharp and trendy look.
  • Layer with a fitted dress shirt on colder days to ditch your cardigan. Alternatively, layer with long-sleeve t-shirts underneath the jumpsuit.
  • A chunky chain necklace is all you need to glam up women’s jumpsuits. Solid jumpsuits go well with statement necklaces or multi-chain necklaces.
  • For a party wear chic look, drape a long dupatta on your dhoti jumpsuit using an ethnic motif belt. Make all heads turn your way with this jumpsuit for women's partywear. Don’t forget to pair it with stilettos.
  • Dazzling earrings work like magic when paired with jumpsuits. Go for hoops or earrings that have a round shape to balance the length of the jumpsuit.

Things To Consider When Buying A Jumpsuit

Find Your Fit

The Fit of the jumpsuit is key to its look. A jumpsuit that's too fit for you won't offer you the flexibility to move freely and hence won't be comfortable. A jumpsuit that's too loose won't allow you to flaunt your figure and would lose its purpose. The key here is to find your perfect fit. A useful hack to don a comfortable jumpsuit all the while flaunting your curves is to go for a relaxed fit jumpsuit and cinch the waist with a waist belt. This would help you show off your figure all the while adding glamor to your outfit.

It's About Comfort

A jumpsuit should ideally be comfortable and flexible enough to enable you to move freely. Comfort in a jumpsuit depends on its fit. Hence, find your perfect fit by taking precise measurements before making a purchase and even before adding a jumpsuit to your cart. Another important aspect of a jumpsuit is its fabric. For party wear jumpsuits, fabrics offering fluidity and flare are ideal. Whereas the best fabrics for casual jumpsuits and playsuits are cotton, linen, hemp, denim, and other soothing fabrics.

Versatility Matters

Go for versatile jumpsuits. For instance, a denim jumpsuit is ideal for a fun day out as well as a casual evening. Pick the jumpsuits for women that can be layered to create a new look. For instance, sleeveless jumpsuits with deep v-necks can be paired with long-sleeve t-shirts or a dress shirt to add glamor to the outfit.

Occasion & Season

Keep in mind the occasion for which you're buying the jumpsuit. If it's a party, then go for looks and fabric. Whereas for casual wear jumpsuits, comfort matters more than the appearance. So choose accordingly. Playsuits and rompers are ideal for Summers whereas ankle-length jumpsuits are great for winters.


1. How Comfortable Are Jumpsuits?

The other names for jumpsuits are comfort and ease. Originally used as a suit by parachuters to jump, jumpsuits carved a niche for themselves in the world of fashion because of the ease and comfort they provide. As it is a one-piece garment, you don't have to think about pairing it with anything else. Just wake up, don a jumpsuit and you're good for the day. Available in several styles and patterns, there is a jumpsuit for every occasion. Trendy in looks, jumpsuits offer matchless comfort and are a great alternative to skirts, pants, and jeans.

2. Which Jumpsuits Are Best For Women?

Different occasions call for different jumpsuits when it comes to women's dressing trends. For instance, wide-legged jumpsuits, playsuits, palazzo jumpsuits, and culottes are party wear jumpsuits. Whereas bodycon and shirt jumpsuits are for an everyday casual look. Wide-legged jumpsuits, harem jumpsuits, and dungarees are great for holidays and vacations.

3. What Is The Difference Between A Jumpsuit, Playsuit, And A Romper?

A jumpsuit is an overall one-piece with a covering for legs and hands. Originally used by parachuters, hence the name jumpsuit, it made its way to the fashion world due to the comfort, flexibility, and ease it offers.

A playsuit is the shortest version of a jumpsuit with a regular fit. Hence it is perfect party wear to show off your legs in the best possible manner. A romper is similar to a playsuit but is very comfortable to wear as it has a relaxed fit, unlike a playsuit.

4. Are Jumpsuits In Style Right Now?

Jumpsuits are so in vogue these days due to their chic looks, the comfort they provide, and the ease with which you can carry them anywhere. A formal blazer jumpsuit is perfect for office meetings and after-office parties, whereas a dhoti jumpsuit or culotte is an ideal party wear jumpsuit for women. Bodycon or straight-fit jumpsuits are perfect to flaunt your curves at a party, while lounge jumpsuits or playsuits are excellent for lazy Sundays or vacations. There is literally a jumpsuit for every occasion and mood.

5. How Do You Style Jumpsuits?

There are endless ways to style your jumpsuits. Skinny or bodycon jumpsuits demand hoop earrings with high heels to steal the show. While pairing a wide-legged or a palazzo jumpsuit with a bracelet and strap-on heels is a good idea. Rompers and playsuits go well with flats or ballerinas for a cute party look. Whereas culottes, straight-cut jumpsuits, and dhoti jumpsuits call for nude pumps or peep-toes. A waist belt and a sling bag go well with all kinds of jumpsuits and playsuits.

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