Black Pathani PantsBlack Pathani Pants
Black Pathani Pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
Blue Mangalgiri Straight Pants With Elaticated WaistBlue Mangalgiri Straight Pants With Elaticated Waist
Blue Mangalgiri Straight Pants With Elaticated Waist
Sale price₹ 1,624 Regular price₹ 2,499Save 35%
White Pathani PantsWhite Pathani Pants
White Pathani Pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
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Mint green- overlapped hem pantsMint green- overlapped hem pants
Mint green- overlapped hem pants
Sale price₹ 520 Regular price₹ 1,299
White- overlapped hem pantsWhite- overlapped hem pants
White- overlapped hem pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
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Navy Blue- overlapped hem pantsNavy Blue- overlapped hem pants
Navy Blue- overlapped hem pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
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Abhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with PocketsAbhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with Pockets
Abhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with Pockets
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Olive Green- overlapped hem pantsOlive Green- overlapped hem pants
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Maroon- overlapped hem pantsMaroon- overlapped hem pants
Maroon- overlapped hem pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
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Mint Green Pathani PantsMint Green Pathani Pants
Mint Green Pathani Pants
Sale price₹ 1,299
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Sky blue- overlapped hem pantsSky blue- overlapped hem pants
Sky blue- overlapped hem pants
Sale price₹ 844 Regular price₹ 1,299
Sold out
Abhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with PocketsAbhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with Pockets
Abhishti Polysilk Straight Pants with Pockets
Sale price₹ 480 Regular price₹ 1,199
Hedge Knotted BottomHedge Knotted Bottom
Hedge Knotted Bottom
Sale price₹ 2,499
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Marshmallow Back Tie-up TrouserMarshmallow Back Tie-up Trouser
Marshmallow Back Tie-up Trouser
Sale price₹ 1,899
Picante Back Tie-up TrouserPicante Back Tie-up Trouser
Picante Back Tie-up Trouser
Sale price₹ 1,899
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Lemon Yellow Straight Pants With Elasticated WaistLemon Yellow Straight Pants With Elasticated Waist
Lemon Yellow Straight Pants With Elasticated Waist
Sale price₹ 1,000 Regular price₹ 2,499
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Marina flared pants - Sunshine YellowMarina flared pants - Sunshine Yellow
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Cotton silk straight pant with side pockets PinkCotton silk straight pant with side pockets Pink
Cotton silk straight pant with side pockets Pink
Sale price₹ 760 Regular price₹ 1,899
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Koi Knotted BottomKoi Knotted Bottom
Koi Knotted Bottom
Sale price₹ 2,499
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Cannoli Panelled BottomCannoli Panelled Bottom
Cannoli Panelled Bottom
Sale price₹ 2,499
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Pearly Knotted BottomPearly Knotted Bottom
Pearly Knotted Bottom
Sale price₹ 2,499
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Beluga Pleated BottomBeluga Pleated Bottom
Beluga Pleated Bottom
Sale price₹ 1,899
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Abhishti Cotton Silk Straight PantsAbhishti Cotton Silk Straight Pants
Abhishti Cotton Silk Straight Pants
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Alkira Straight PantsAlkira Straight Pants
Alkira Straight Pants
Sale price₹ 2,999

Whether the occasion is formal or casual, festive or party, women’s trousers are always a good option to go with. Smart, trendy, and classy, women’s trousers are versatile and help you look sharp. For office meetings and professional settings, formal trousers for women are a great choice to pair with a shirt or tunic. Likewise, high waist trousers for women look good with party wear crop tops, casual shirts, and festive kurtis.

The charm of women’s trousers combined with the confidence you feel while donning them is a dynamic combo. Rock an urban chic look by pairing pants with a variety of tops and shirts to experiment with fashion and show off your style. Make sure to check out trendy colors of women’s trousers to pair them with contrasting tops. Trousers for women don’t require much when it comes to accessorizing, so go for a minimalist chic look.

Types of Women's Trousers

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are shorter than ankle-length pants and look oh so sexy!

Pair cropped pants with fancy footwear to steal the show as they are an excellent choice to draw all the attention to your feet.

Cropped pants are casual pants for women that go well with short tops, crop tops, and shirts.

A sleeveless white shirt with cropped trousers and heels is a perfect outfit to rock any office event. Add a pair of studs and you are all set to go.

Pathani Pants

The trendy cousin of regular straight trousers, pathani pants are balloon-shaped pants that offer comfort with chic looks.

Perfect for casual settings, pathani pants are casual pants for women that are best paired with sleeveless tops and t-shirts.

Balance the puffed appearance of the pathani pants with short-sleeved or sleeveless tops.

Don a trendy top with pathani pants and hoops to create an urban chic look.

Straight Pants

The classic straight pants are essential for any woman's wardrobe.

Trendy and comfy, straight pants are a must-have for any fashionable woman because of their elegant and minimalistic looks.

Straight pants can be paired with short kurtis, crop tops, long kurtis, and whatnot.

Create different looks by pairing straight pants with different tops and shirts.

Overlapped Hem Pants

Overlapped hem pants are a chic version of straight pants and look uber cool with tees and tops.

Bored of your regular pants and trousers? Go for overlapped hem pants for a funky look.

Great for casual outings, hem pants go well with most kinds of tops and shirts.

Flats and kitten heels look good with hem pants.

High-Waist Pants

High waist pants look great with crop tops and shirts.

A nicely tucked-in crisp white shirt with balloon sleeves paired with high waist trousers is a look that can be rocked practically anywhere.

Right from professional meetings to a shopping spree, high-waist pants can never go wrong.

Choose the footwear with your high waist pants to highlight your feet.

Trendy Ladies Trousers Colors


White exudes elegance and confidence. Don white women’s trousers to achieve a sharp and crisp look.

Balance white trousers for women with colorful pastel shades to create a charming look.


Blue is a classic favorite as it is a perfect balance between dark colors and light shades.

Experiment with different hues of blue such as sky blue, navy blue, royal blue, and cobalt blue pants.


Perfect festive wear, red pants look classy and sexy at the same time.

Maroon is another red pant- a variant that looks great with festive wear tops and ethnic tops and short kurtis.

The color red is a great choice for hiding any creases on the fabric of your pants. Hence, opt for red pants when you want to look your best.


Green is an all-time party favorite color.

Green pants are an excellent choice to create a vibrant look.

As green is a flashy shade in itself, make sure to pair it with contrasting light hues to balance it out.

Perfect for festive occasions and parties, green trousers look great at night and in the evenings.


A feminine hue, pink definitely has a special place in women's wardrobes and hearts!

Pink pants will always be in vogue and hence you should own some basic pink trousers.

To create an appealing look, don pink trousers with mint green or sky blue tops for an office meeting.

Trousers for Occasion

Office & Work

Trousers made of cotton, linen, and polyester are excellent choices for formal trousers for women.

Opt for classic colors such as black, navy blue, white and beige.

Pair them with flats, kitten heels, or office wear shoes.

Shirts and solid tops look great with formal trousers for women.

Casual Outings

For casual outings, trousers made of poly silk, cotton blends, and lightweight fabrics are great options.

Pair cotton trousers with casual shirts and graphic tees to create a trendy everyday look for a meetup with friends or a shopping trip.

For a more funky look, pair poly-silk casual trousers for women with embroidered tops.

Accessorize your outfit with earrings and bangles to add a dash of glamor.

Festive Season

Silk pants are your best bet when it comes to festive wear.

The rich feel of the fabric combined with the slight gloss that silk exudes is a dynamic combo to rock any festive occasion.

Lightweight and chic, silk pants go well with all kinds of festive tops and kurtis.

To create a fusion look, pair silk pants with a foil print kurti or an embellished top.

Heels, pumps, or ballerinas go well with silk pants.

Things To Consider When Buying Women's Trouser


Go for trendy colors while shopping for women's trousers. Fashion keeps evolving and with changing seasons different hues become hot favorites. Go for evergreen colors in formal trousers like black, white, beige, and navy blue. Whereas, spring, summer, and fall call for pastel shades and fresh hues like sky blue, mint green, pink and olive green. Keep in mind the season for which you're buying the trouser and you should be good to go.


Different types of fittings are good for different occasions. Straight-fit casual trousers go well with casual shirts and crop tops. Trousers with relaxed fit offer better movements. Slim-fit trousers are excellent for flaunting your curves. Go for the fit that suits your figure and size measurements along with the occasion you want to wear it.


Summer and hot weather call for cotton, cotton linen, and cotton silk pants. Whereas, denser fabrics are great for colder weather. Likewise, formal trousers for women are made of heavier fabrics as compared to the fabrics used for casual trousers for women. While pairing pants with tops or Kurtis, go for lightweight fabrics.


Women's trousers are incomplete without shirts, tops, and tees. Before buying make sure to remember clearly the tops and tees that you'll pair with the trousers. A solid shirt looks great with solid beige pants with pockets and is a great formal wear. Alternatively, a trendy crop top goes well with high waist trousers.


1. What Are Women's Trousers Called?

Leggings, slacks, and pants are some of the other names for women’s trousers. Whereas wide-legged pants are called palazzos.

2. What Is The Difference Between Pants & Trousers?

Pants and trousers are basically one and the same. In India, the US, Australia, and most other parts of the world, the words trousers and pants are used interchangeably. Only in the UK, undergarments are known as pants.

3. How Many Types Of Trousers Are There?

Based on the stitch and the fabrics, there are as many as 14 to 16 types of trousers. These include both casual and formal trousers.

4. What Style Of Trousers Are In Fashion?

Straight trousers, high waist trousers, and cropped trousers are so in trend these days. Contemporary in looks, these trousers give you an urban chic look that is hard to beat. Make sure to pair your trousers with proper footwear and accessories to make the most of your outfit.

5. What Are Ladies Baggy Trousers Called?

Ladies' baggy trousers are called Harem pants and in some cases, hammer pants. Comfortable to wear, ladies' baggy pants go well with t-shirts for a casual look.

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