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When it comes to traditional attire for men, a kurta pyjama set tops the list. Considered ethnic wear, men’s kurta looks classy and simply stylish. Nothing better than kurtas to spice up your look and be a class apart. Men’s kurta, like any other outfit, has seen a lot of experimentation and changes over the years. Asymmetric kurta, extended collar kurta, and pleated kurta are some of the contemporary versions of the original kurta.

Whether you are going for a casual outing or attending a cultural function, a kurta is your go-to option. Style long kurta for men with straight pyjama or churidar pyjama for a traditional event. A banarasi kurta with a men’s jacket is a perfect choice for a wedding. A short kurta and jeans look good for a casual evening. A kurta pyjama set is a versatile ensemble that goes well with all kinds of casual and party settings. Hence, having different kinds of kurta sets for men in your wardrobe is a must.

Types of Men's Kurta

Button Down Kurta

A kurta version of a button-down shirt, a button-down kurta is a classic men's kurta and a wardrobe essential for stylish men. The button-down kurta is comfortable to wear and offers a nice fit. Pair such kurta with churidar pants to create a classic favorite look.

Short Kurta

Perfect for casual outings, a short kurta goes well with jeans. Short sleeve short kurta is a great option for any kind of casual event. Alternatively, pair a short kurta with a tulip dhoti to create an ethnic ensemble. Likewise, a short kurta with Afghani salwar is also a great choice for any kind of traditional event.

Long Kurta

A long kurta is a basic men’s kurta that goes well with all kinds of bottoms and pyjamas. Style a long kurta with a Nehru jacket to create a traditional ensemble. Similarly along kurta with a churidar pyjama is perfect for any kind of cultural or festive occasion.

Collared Kurta

A collared kurta is one of the most classy and stylish kurtas for men. The collar increases the appeal of the kurta tenfold. A collared men’s kurta looks great with a salwar or Afghani pants.

Extended Collar Kurta

The extended collar kurta is a contemporary version of the collared kurta. Chic in looks, an extended collar kurta goes well with straight pants or straight pyjamas. An extended collar kurta is a party wear outfit and can be accessorized to enhance the overall look of the ensemble.

Pleated Kurta

Bored of a regular kurta? Ditch it for a collared pleated kurta. Since it has a refreshing look, it is a perfect party option. A pleated kurta is also an excellent choice for any kind of festive occasion, especially when you want to keep it simple yet stylish.

Banarasi Kurta

Banarasi kurta is a party wear option. Pair a banarasi kurta with a jacket to create an ethnic look. A simple Banarasi kurta is also enough to get a stylish look.

Mandarin Collar Kurta

A contemporary outfit, the Mandarin collar kurta goes well with both jeans and pyjamas. A solid Mandarin collar kurta set is a nice and elegant casual outfit. Whereas, a printed or Banarasi Mandarin collar kurta is great for a party ensemble.

Men's Kurta Trends

Kurta With Afghani Pant

Afghani pants are regular pants with a slight flare. Comfortable to wear, Afghani pants can be paired with a short or long kurta. A solid kurta with a men's jacket and Afghani pants is a perfect combination for a wedding function.

Kurta With Afghani Salwar

Similar to Afghani pants, Afghani salwar is uber stylish and fashionable. Afghani salwar has a deep flare with pleats that give it a graceful appearance. Kurta with Afghani salwar is a complete party wear ensemble that can never go wrong.

Kurta With Pathani Pant

Pathani pants have a deep flare but do not have pleats like salwar. So a kurta with pathani pants is a good choice when you want to go classic and be comfortable. Great for summer and humid weather, a solid kurta and pathani pant set is excellent for hot evenings.

Kurta With Straight Pyjama

Decent and elegant, a kurta with straight pyjama is a classic combination. When you have no idea what would go well with the occasion, go for a kurta with a straight pyjama. To spice up the outfit, don a long jacket and you're covered.

Kurta With Tulip Dhoti

Tulip dhoti is undoubtedly hot and happening. Carrying it well requires confidence and grace on your part. A zari kurta with tulip dhoti is a cult favorite of fashionistas. Perfect for weddings and traditional events, the kurta with tulip dhoti is one ensemble that fashion gurus swear by.

Kurta With Nehru Jacket

A regular kurta set for men can be amped up with the Nehru jacket. Forever in vogue and always classy, the Nehru jacket has a certain charm about it. When in doubt, go for a Nehru jacket with a kurta pyjama set.

Banarasi Kurta

Not only women, but men also carry Banarasi outfits with charm. Nothing better than a banarasi kurta to look glamorous at any party or wedding function. Add cufflinks to a Banarasi kurta set and you're ready to make a statement.

Kurta With Men’s Jacket

Similar to a Nehru jacket, men's jackets instantly refresh your look. Kurta with a jacket has a festive charm about it. Go for long jackets when you want to make all heads turn. A short button-up jacket is a great option for weddings and a regular casual outfit.

Pleated Kurta

Simple yet fashionable, pleated kurta is a great choice for casual evenings when you want to stand out. A pleated kurta goes well with straight pants or straight pyjamas. As the kurta already has pleats, there is no need for a pleated bottom like a salwar.

Men's Ethnic Kurta Styling Tips

Fit Comes First

No matter what, fit matters the most in any kind of outfit. Oversized shirts and tees are fine but an oversized kurta is a big no-no. Go for a stylish kurta for men has the perfect fit for you. If you order a kurta online, then make sure to get it fit by your tailor.

Play With Pyjamas

There are various options when it comes to bottoms and pyjamas. Right from Afghani pants to pathani salwar and churidar, you have plenty of styles. A straight pyjama goes well with all kinds of kurtas whereas, a tulip dhoti looks stunning with a button-up short kurta with full sleeves.

Asymmetry Is Chic

Asymmetric kurta is chic and elegant and instantly brightens your attire. Play With different styles to suit your needs. Team asymmetric short kurta with Afghani salwar or dhoti pants to create a festive look. You can experiment with pleats and drapes in a kurta set for men.


A brooch or cufflinks are a great way to add a dash of elegance and charm to your kurta pyjama set. Accessories are a way to showcase your style and make a lasting impression at any event or party.

Don’t Forget The Jacket

Jackets are great for adding glamour to your ensemble, beating the winter chill, or making a statement with your attire. Donning a jacket will make even the simplest of kurta stand out. Choose the jacket according to the occasion and setting. If you're wearing a Banarasi kurta for instance, then go for a short solid jacket.

Footwear Is Key

Footwear is the single most important element of your attire that has the power to make you look uber fashionable and confident. Flats, kolhapuris, and mojaris are your best bet when it comes to pairing the perfect footwear with your kurta set. Completely covered sandals and shoes also go well with pyjamas and salwars.

Experiment With Colors

Spring and summer seasons call for pastel and light shades. However, darker colors such as black, brown, dark green, and maroon are great for hiding slight bulges and looking slim and sharp. Co-ord sets in darker shades are a great option when you don't have time to mix n match.

Kurta Color Trends


Ivory kurta is a traditional attire and a great option for religious events and pujas. Ivory kurta is a wardrobe staple as it is decent and classy and demands attention at the same time. An ivory kurta pyjama suit is your best bet for any cultural event.

Midnight Black

A classic color, the midnight black kurta can never go wrong. Being a basic shade, your wardrobe needs a midnight black kurta that can be paired with practically any jacket and pyjama. For a classy and casual look, pair a midnight black kurta with jeans and a pair of flat shoes.


Maroon is a perfect party shade and looks great at any time of the day. What's more? The dark tone of maroon is great for hiding creases and helps you look sharp all day long. Right from weddings to festive occasions, the maroon kurta is good for all settings.


Grey is a decent color and has a certain charm about it. A Grey kurta can be worn for any occasion. Pair it with a salwar to get a classy look that is the right amount of attractive and chic.


Just like maroon, a brown kurta is a good choice for weddings and traditional events. Pair a brown kurta with contrasting light-colored bottoms to tone down the overall look of the attire. Alternatively, a brown co-ord set is great to make a statement.


A masculine hue, blue is a go-to color for any outfit. A blue kurta is no exception. There are plenty of kurtas in blue shades to choose from. A blue kurta with a straight pyjama can be worn to office parties for a classy look. Kurtas with deep blue shades are great for parties and weddings.

Things to consider when buying Men's Kurta


Confidence comes with comfort. If you're comfortable with what you wear, then you can carry it with an air of confidence. Before buying any kurta, make sure that you would be comfortable wearing it. Abhishti offers a wide range of men's kurta that is comfortable to wear and chic to carry.

Fabric & Material

Fabric is a significant aspect when it comes to buying any outfit. Read the fabric and material description to know about what you're buying. Stay away from any fabric or material that you're not comfortable with. Cotton, rayon, and soft fabrics are your best bet. Abhishti offers a wide range of fabrics including cotton, viscose and more.


Keep in mind the occasion for which you're buying the outfit. Trendy colors such as maroon, blue, red, and brown and classic colors like black, ivory, and grey are always good options to go with. As these colors can be worn to any event, it is better to invest in classic color kurtas. Abhishti offers kurta pyjama sets and jackets in all classic and trendy colors.

Size & Length

More often than not, we tend to make a purchase based on the model. Models may appear taller or shorter or slimmer than they actually are. So know your measurements or measure yourself properly before shopping for a kurta or any other outfit for that matter. Abhishti provides you with minute size and length details to help you choose the best outfit.

Return Policy

Read the return and exchange policies carefully before making a purchase. Even after rigorous checking of the size, fabric, and colors, there is always a chance you might feel that the outfit is not up to the mark. A perusal of the return policy comes in handy at such times. Abhishti has a clear and transparent return policy.


Description of the garment is another important thing to consider and read before buying it. Specifications including the occasion and wash care instructions must be read carefully. On Abhishti, you will find all the correct details of each outfit to help you choose better.


What kind of Kurta should men wear to look fashionable?

Fashion, like any other thing in today’s world, keeps evolving and changing with the seasons. However, there are some stylish kurtas for men that are forever in fashion. Banarasi kurta is your best bet when it comes to styling traditional attire. A solid kurta with a collared neck will go with every occasion. Zari work is considered an all-time favorite, hence a zari kurta for traditional or cultural events is perfect. Likewise, a cotton kurta with an extended collar looks elegant and chic and can be worn anywhere. Pairing it with a jacket alters its charm and makes it excellent party wear.

How long should a traditional kurta for a man be?

There is no perfect formula to calculate the appropriate length of the traditional kurta for men. However, according to most fashion gurus, an inch and a half below the knees should be the approximate length of a men’s traditional kurta. If you have a long figure, say 5 feet 10 inches or above, then you can go with up to 4 inches below your knee.

What kind of men's kurtas goes well with jeans?

A short kurta is the best option for days when you feel like donning a kurta with jeans. Ditch your regular t-shirt or casual shirts for a short kurta to instantly refresh your look. A long kurta for men is also a good option that goes well with jeans, but make sure that the kurta is just a bit below your knee. Another good choice of kurta that goes well with jeans is a mandarin collar solid kurta or a printed short kurta for a casual look.

What is the difference between a Pathan suit and a Kurta Pyjama?

Believed to have originated in Afghanistan, a Pathan Suit consists of a kurta and a pyjama. However, it is different from the regular kurta pyjama in several ways. The Pathan suit kurta essentially has long sleeves ending in cuffs, a collared neck with buttons, and may or may not have front pockets. The kurta in a Pathan suit is flared and the bottom, known as a salwar, is flared and creates a puffed appearance. Meanwhile, the regular kurta pyjama comes in a variety of patterns and shapes. From straight fit to short, full sleeves to half sleeves, and so on, there are several kinds of regular kurta pyjamas.

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