After Dark

After Dark

It's a story from Tokyo Japan, over the course of one night Mari Asai 19 years old student (main character) decides to spend her night in Denny's (café and restaurant).
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It's a story from Tokyo Japan, over the course of one night Mari Asai 19 years old student (main character) decides to spend her night in Denny's (café and restaurant). It’s a bit of a mystery why she wants to stay up late in the café on that night. there she meets Takashi who is a student too and also likes to play trombone, he knows Mari's sister Eri whom he was once interested in. meanwhile, Eri is in a deep sleep for months, next to a television, and seems to be haunted by a menacing figure. That one night in Denny's Mari cross a path with many people and the ingesting part of the story is it takes place in a world between reality and dream and each chapter begins with an image of a clock depicting the passage of time throughout the night.

The novel is filled with symbols that can be understood in many different ways. such as strong symbols as music, night, light, cameras and not working television are used and the author leaves it to his readers to interpret them in one way or another.



What keeps me awake till 2:am??

The best thing about Murakami's novels is its always end with surprises and suspense which means readers can have their own perceptions and interpretations as per their understanding which is so challenging.


It's a story of a girl named Mari and her sister Eri. they were connected to each other in their childhood but as they grew apart since Eri is beautiful and smart where Mari is an average-looking girl with an introverted nature which is why Eri gets all the attention from everyone, so naturally Mari develops insecurities over time. one day Eri announces to her family that she is going to sleep for a while, apparently, she never wakes up since then which is why Mari decided to stay awake in a café that night and she came across many people who has dark stories to tell, also she shared a part of her story too. I guess the author wants us to understand that nobody's life is perfect, somewhere for some reason each of us is battling to live.

But here is the twist there is a couple of unusual things happens in this book, apparently the bizarre things are happening to Eri, where the camera is showing Eri that she wakes up and see the tv screen appears but no plug, and there is a man sitting on a chair who keeps staring at her, every time she tries to escape she fails as there is no way to escape from that room, so I believe maybe she wakes up in a parallel universe which exactly looks same as another world which is why she cannot find an escape to the real world, there are so many plots in the story which makes me believe that Eri's soul travelled in the parallel universe. There are so many things are happening in the story which I did not understand fully yet but the way the author puts every reader in curiosity really deserves appreciation

Haruki Murakami is a Japanese writer. His books and stories have been bestsellers in Japan as well as internationally, with his work being translated into 50 languages and selling millions of copies outside his native country. His work has received numerous awards, including the World Fantasy Award, the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award, the Franz Kafka Prize, and the Jerusalem Prize.

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