What is A Line Kurta? How to style it?

What is A Line Kurta? How to style it?

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What is A Line Kurta

Do you want to know what is A line kurta and the various styles that fall under this category? This blog post will help you understand what this common kurta design looks like and different styling ideas to add to your list.

A line kurta is a design that flares down from your waist. The kurta design looks like the shape of the letter A and adds volume to your look. These kurtas are generally long because shorter ones cannot form the shape of the A accurately. You can pair these designs with dhoti pants, Capri, Patiala, jeggings, leggings, etc.

6 ways to style A line kurta

Let us get some ideas on how to style A line kurta styles:

1. A line kurta with pants

If you want to own a staple A line kurta, you must buy a basic black set with the pants. These are ideal for evenings when you get late and don’t know what to wear. All you need with this look is some oxidised jewellery and a classy handbag.

2. A line kurta with jeans

A boho A line kurta print with classic blue denim jeans is what you need to make heads turn! Since A line pieces have a lot of volumes, there is so much art that you can bestow through beautiful prints. This look is comfortable and doesn’t even require heavy accessorising.

3. A line kurta with sharara

If you had to choose one type of style to go with an A line kurta, it should be a sharara. This is simply because the cut of this kurta design blends perfectly with the typical sharara pant design. 

If you see the picture given, you will notice how the top and bottom complement each other as they blend. Such a set is ideal for festivities and family functions. Heavy jewellery, including ethnic neckpieces and earrings, is a must addition. You can carry a potli bag and Kolhapuri shoes to go with this look.

4. A line kurta with salwar

Planning to make a salwar suit and don’t know which kurta design to choose? Depend on this blog that tells you all about what is A line kurta!

Even the simplest prints can shine out when you’re going for a casual outing or simply to run errands. You can don a dupatta of a similar colour and lightly accessorise with earrings and bangles to complete this look.

5. A line kurta with palazzo

To give yourself a contrasting attire, you can go for prints when buying A line kurta and one colour for the palazzo. In this picture we can see the kurta is adding flair while letting the palazzo be seen. The earrings can go with the colour of the palazzo for the perfect contrast.

  1. A Line Kurta with Ethnic Jacket

If you buy a simple A line kurta and pant set but want to restyle it for an important event, all you need is a jacket to wear over it. In this picture, we see a simple set of kurta and pants topped over by an ethnic jacket, creating the main highlight of the entire look. Check out the earrings that blend with the kurta and pant set, while the shoes are in the colour of the jacket. 




1.    Is there a difference between an A-line Kurta and Anarkali Kurta?

A line kurta pieces are not as long and flared as Anarkali. A standard Anarkali kurta goes right to ankle-length, whereas A line kurta can be comparatively shorter. Anarkali designs majorly have three-quarter or full sleeves. But A-line kurta can have any sleeve design irrespective of length.

2.    What is the difference between an Umbrella cut kurti and an A Line Kurti?

Umbrella cut and Anarkali kurtas are similar as they flare down similar. Anarkalis are longer, while umbrella cut is similar to dresses. However, A line kurtas are different from both because they flare down from the waist but do not necessarily have a lot of length. A-line kurta design can be knee-length, calf-length, or shorter.

3.    What are some of the alternatives to A-line Kurtis?

Floor-length kurtis and umbrella cut kurtis are great alternatives to A-line kurtas. These magnify your overall appearance and let you create a statement. These kurtas designs are trendy and allow you to add vibrancy through various prints and styling ideas when pairing it up with pants that pair perfectly. 

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