Traditional skills for a simpler life

Cottagecore is a concept that celebrate the idea of simple living by spending more time at home learning crafts such as ; Picnic ,Pottery , Baking , Reading books , Cattle raring and painting to keep you busy and happy . Sometime it is important to slow down a bit to look around and appreciate all the beautiful things which nature has to offer as we can relate so many things from nature like the shooting colours in nature , Harmony , rhythm , Shape , forms and lines .



Cottagecore is inspired by simpler and more smooth times. The vintage and classic is the aesthetic of Cottagecore , this fashion was highly appreciated on social media during 2020 summer . Cottagecore styling supports embroidery, floral pattern, or knits and simplicity yet exquisite. Prairie dresses, vintage outfits, straw hats, and likes are all part of the aesthetic associated with “Cottagecore”. It takes you from the modern age to the simple and peaceful olden golden days of style. Cottagecore styling is done with ease and it offers an effortless vibe that you’ll fall in love with.


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The brand collection inspires sustainable living and connection with the land. The movement asks us to confront climate change and consider how we can better care for the earth. It reminds us about the importance of slowing down and living more consciously.